How I Invested in My Career with Avila University

Pursuing a graduate degree through Avila University was one of my best decisions in recent years. In late 2018 or early 2019 I was giving a great deal of thought to how I could invest more in my profession in project management, and the opportunity presented itself to use academic assistance through work to pay for most of my degree program. I took some great courses, such as Ethics and the Legal Environment, Financial Decision Making for Managers, Strategic Communication, and Organizational Psychology & Behavior. This was a true management course, not just a project management program. I'm especially proud of my capstone project, which led to the founding of Uberlandia Development Initiatives

In this podcast Dr. jim Burkee, president of Avila University, talks mostly about his experience drawing in international students. Still, give it a listen and consider if this might also be an academic option for you as well. 

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