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The Good and the Bad of Professional Longevity in an Organization

One of my great aunts worked for 40 years at the same company, retiring in the 1960s. Such longevity is practically unheard of today. In my experience, there is good and bad around someone being at the same company for more than a few years. Having been through a few reorgs and layoffs at companies, I am not often surprised any more at who gets the boot (including when it's me). More often than not being laid off isn't something to take personally. If you've been laid off as part of a larger reorg, it generally just means that there was a perceived redundancy or an 'opportunity' to shift work around and save some money. You are just a name on a row in an excel spreadsheet, and on that same row is your title and salary. Still, it is a little shocking to me when someone with years of experience with the company, and a solid reputation, is shown the door. It really shouldn't be surprising, because it really comes down to that salary. Someone who works their way up