View Adam Gonnerman's profile on LinkedInMy life at present could be summarized with the following: Loving Brazil, Missing New York. If that’s enough for you, then you’re done here. Otherwise, read on.

Currently residing in the city of Uberlândia (Brazil) and working as a Project Manager at Landix Sistemas, I'm also consulting as a Product Manager with Australia-based The Loop. Previous roles included Senior Technical Product Manager with Scholastic and Project Manager for Wired.com (both out of offices in New York). I specialize in online publishing and digital media, have startup experience and hold the PMP and ITIL-f certifications. Ruby is my programming language of choice, though I'm not dogmatic about it nor would I be considered a full-fledged developer in this or any language. Any distro of Linux would be my preference over Windows, and I'm also fine using a Mac. My smartphone runs Android.

Aside from a strong interest in virtually everything related to Brazil, I tend to focus on the topics of community building, social justice and technology. In fact, I am particularly interested in finding the intersection of these areas and working there. This being the case, here in Brazil I’m volunteering through Projetos Sociais Estação Vida, an NGO located in the city of Uberlândia, seeking to advance tech education in an under-resourced neighborhood.

My wife and children are Brazilian-American, and we moved back to Brazil after being in the U.S, for nearly a decade in order to reconnect with their family and cultural roots. From prior visits to Brazil, including visits while in the university as well as a stint teaching English and doing mission work from 2001 to 2003, I speak Brazilian Portuguese fluently. You'll see posts on this blog in that language from time to time.

As for education, I have a Bachelor of Ministry from Harding University. You don’t have to go very far back in this blog to find posts of a theological nature. These days I prefer a more humanistic approach to thought and life, and this is reflected in some of what I write.

If your company is looking to expand its web presence into Brazil, or you're looking for offshore designers/developers, contact me. I’d be glad to put you in touch with the right people.