01 September 2015

Kanban and Scrum Explained

You don't have to work in software development long to hear the terms 'Kanban' and 'Scrum' thrown around under the banner of 'Agile.' At times they seem to be used almost interchangeably. There is, however, a difference. This is explained succinctly in the video below. .

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31 August 2015

The Psychology of Kanban

This talk by Jim Benson on Kanban is excellent. Although I still prefer scrum, he makes a compelling case for his preferred approach to software development. His argument towards the end against estimates and story points was pure gold.
Jim Benson - The Psychology of Kanban from Dare Festival on Vimeo.

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30 August 2015

Just Start Starting Things

Sanderson Jones, co-founder and CEO of Sunday Assembly, shared some thoughts last year while attending The Happy Startup Summer Camp. He definitely views Sunday Assembly as a startup, albeit one without profit-making goals. His advice was actually not terrible. :-) Take a look.
"Just start starting things" Sanderson Jones | Summercamp 2014 from The Happy Startup School on Vimeo.

Also, if you live in the New York City area or will be visiting, be sure to drop in on the monthly gathering of Sunday Assembly NYC. The more the merrier!

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29 August 2015

Safe, Reliable Water in Kenya Through Micropayments

A few times already I've blogged about the problem people in the developing world face in obtaining safe, clean drinking water. A particular challenge for those attempting to remedy the situation is that simply installing a well doesn't work. What if it breaks down (and it will eventually break down). That's where social entrepreneur Marten Susebeek steps in. Through his company, Suseteq, a solution in terms of micropayments may have been found. Let's hope it scales.
Launchpad 2015: Susteq - Marten Susebeek from Unreasonable Media on Vimeo.

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28 August 2015

The Entire Marvel Cinematic Universe in 13 minutes

Note: The video mentions the Kree homeworld in reference to Guardians of the Galaxy. That planet is actually Xandar. Other than that, it's a great introduction and overview. 

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Avengers of Oz:Age of Tin Man

27 August 2015

Johnny T's NYC Tourist Tips

Several months after moving to New Jersey, I went into Manhattan on my own to take care of some business. At that time I absolutely didn't know my way around the city, but I did okay until around 4pm. That's when the streets filled with pedestrians, people who work in the city but live elsewhere. It was rush hour, a lot of folks were in a hurry to get home, and I was in the way. I learned a key lesson that is highlighted in the Glove and Boots video below: Get out of the way!

If you're planning to go as a tourist to New York City, you definitely should watch the video below. Take notes. And remember: Get out of the way!

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