24 October 2014

The Role of Soap Operas in Brazilian Culture

Over a decade ago I heard a clip of a Brazilian congressman's speech in which he described Brazil's soap opera's as the nation's greatest export. That made some eyes roll. Yet, there's truth to it. The effort we see in the U.S. to make movies is often concentrated in Brazil on soap operas. Sitcoms never really took off here, and though there are some reality shows, these don't seem to have the cultural staying-power that we can see in the soap opera.

The following report covers very well this aspect of Brazil's entertainment industry. If you want to understand contemporary Brazil, you need to be familiar with its soap operas.

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23 October 2014

Brazil Collector on a Quest to Save Vinyl Records

The largest private collection of vinyl records in the worlds is in Brazil. A man named Zero Freitas is the collector, although one might wonder if "hoarder" wouldn't be a more apt description. Check out the story below.

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22 October 2014

Como se comportar no metrô de Nova York

Seth Kugel, jornalista americano e falante de português brasileiro, agora lançou um canal no YouTube no qual ele vai explicar e mostrar Nova York para turistas brasileiros. Aqui em baixo estou incluindo as dicas dele ao respeito do metrô da cidade.

Caso você está pensando em fazer uma visita a Nova York e ainda não planejou nada, entre em contato com Path Travel. Meu amigo Ricardo Cornetione é o dono da empresa e é "expert" em encontrar passagems bem em conta e conheça muito bem a região de Nova York (e Flórida!).

21 October 2014

What One American Man Learned in Rio

Almost everyone I've met who has visited Brazil has loved it. Not everyone, but almost everyone. I've also observed that despite Brazil's vast size in terms of territory and the cultural diversity between regions, tourists tend to generalize about the country in terms of what the one place was like they visited. So, for example, someone who goes to Rio de Janeiro often thinks they've become experts on Brazil, as though everywhere else in the country were just like that city. The same goes for visitors to São Paulo, Curitiba, Campinas, Recife or anywhere else in Brazil.

That said, I also like seeing people from other countries get excited about Brazil when they visit. I understand what enchants and intrigues them about this place, even though I know a bit more than the average tourist about the drawbacks of living here long term. I love Brazil.

Check out the following video from JT, an American man who spent a month in Rio de Janeiro. You can also find him on the following social networks: