02 September 2014

On Being a Product Manager Worth Your Salt

Recently two items about product managers came to my attention. Both were written this year, and both both talk about how they might "suck." Though their titles made me roll my eyes — and you'll note I opted to take the high road with mine — both make good points.

Sharing links and snippets here:

Why most product managers suck (and how to be a better one) - TNW - "To thrive in this role requires ridiculous influence, knowledge and experience. A good PM is a rare jack-of-all-trades. He or she knows how to innovate through minimalism, possesses strong communications skills, can influence without authority, and is just absolutely ruthless at prioritizing what tasks should make it into the next sprint or release."

Engineers: So your PM sucks? Here’s how to fix it. - Ellen's Blog - "I was thinking more about the time you told me that your PM sucks. They might. There’s three options: 1) Your PM is awesome, and you are wrong. 2) Your PM is awesome, but you don’t know what they’re doing for you. 3) Your PM might suck. Or they might not suck, but they could be better."

01 September 2014

Brazil: A Stumbling Giant?

The program below from Al Jazeera summarizes in its first 8 or so minutes the current political and economic status of Brazil. Only a couple of years ago people were celebrating Brazil as a sleeping giant awakening, and now that seems less certain.

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31 August 2014

The Gospel of Doubt

Last month Zachary Moore was kind enough to provide information for an introduction to the Fellowship of Freethought Dallas. Zach is very active in the freethought community and is engaged in a form of outreach to Christians. As he puts it, his objective isn't necessarily to convert them to atheism/agnosticism . Rather, he wants to get them thinking about their faith.

The video below was recorded earlier this year at Westside Unitarian Universalist Church in Fort Worth, Texas. In it he speaks about his his "Gospel of Doubt" writing project and the work he does with religious people. It's certainly interesting to hear an atheist not only preaching, but also quoting the Bible as he does so. Though I'm not convinced of his exegesis in the message below, he makes an interesting case for his approach.

He did so well with this message that that Westside UU invited him back in early July to speak again. Click here for that message, on "Peacemaking."

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