22 October 2014

Como se comportar no metrô de Nova York

Seth Kugel, jornalista americano e falante de português brasileiro, agora lançou um canal no YouTube no qual ele vai explicar e mostrar Nova York para turistas brasileiros. Aqui em baixo estou incluindo as dicas dele ao respeito do metrô da cidade.

Caso você está pensando em fazer uma visita a Nova York e ainda não planejou nada, entre em contato com Path Travel. Meu amigo Ricardo Cornetione é o dono da empresa e é "expert" em encontrar passagems bem em conta e conheça muito bem a região de Nova York (e Flórida!).

21 October 2014

What One American Man Learned in Rio

Almost everyone I've met who has visited Brazil has loved it. Not everyone, but almost everyone. I've also observed that despite Brazil's vast size in terms of territory and the cultural diversity between regions, tourists tend to generalize about the country in terms of what the one place was like they visited. So, for example, someone who goes to Rio de Janeiro often thinks they've become experts on Brazil, as though everywhere else in the country were just like that city. The same goes for visitors to São Paulo, Curitiba, Campinas, Recife or anywhere else in Brazil.

That said, I also like seeing people from other countries get excited about Brazil when they visit. I understand what enchants and intrigues them about this place, even though I know a bit more than the average tourist about the drawbacks of living here long term. I love Brazil.

Check out the following video from JT, an American man who spent a month in Rio de Janeiro. You can also find him on the following social networks:

20 October 2014

The Art of an Abandoned Hospital

O Abuso da História from Hector Zamora on Vimeo.
Right up front I need to admit that I don't understand the video above. It's called "The Abuse of History" and features potted plants being thrown from an old hospital's windows into a central courtyard. Those are the facts, and that -- along with the appalling waste of good plants -- is all I see. I guess I'm not very cultured!

More interesting to me is the artwork that can be found in this old building. The following description comes from the blog "Tropical Smog":
An enormous art exhibit has taken over the historic Hospital Matarazzo, and the city’s been buzzing about it for the past month. Kicking off the São Paulo Biennale, Made By…Feito Por Brasileiros features works by nearly 100 Brazilian and international artists. 
The hospital was founded in 1904 by São Paulo’s Italian community, but eventually closed in 1993 after a steady decline of funds. Three years ago a French hotel group bought the valuable property, right by Avenida Paulista, with plans to turn it into a luxury hotel and shopping center. But for a brief moment, it gets to be a center of art for the city. 
The site is known as Cidade Matarazzo, which is fitting. It’s like its own little city, pretending that it’s miles away from the high rises and modern rush of Paulista. With the art installations, it feels like you've stepped into another world.
Do yourself a favor and go have a look at the photos of these creative pieces of art. It's too bad renovation work will eventually wipe it all away. Then again, perhaps its transitory nature is what makes it all the more special. Sort of like human life.

19 October 2014

All Souls Unitarian Church in Tulsa Voted Best Place to Worship

The city of of Tulsa holds a special place in my heart. My great aunts Mildred and Emily attended a business school there in the early 20th century and subsequently remained there for a few decades before retiring home to northeast Missouri. In the mid-1990s I began attending the annual Tulsa Workshop, put on by local Churches of Christ. I always found the workshop uplifting, and the city itself charmed me with it's beauty and order.

Nowadays I wonder how comfortable I would feel in a Bible Belt city so full of evangelical mega churches. There is, however, a meeting place in Tulsa that welcomes people of more liberal religious faith, alongside progressive evangelicals and even humanists. This is All Souls Unitarian Church, and it was voted Tulsa World's "Best in the World" of places of worship. The video below shows a little of what makes it a special congregation, and be sure to check out the links at the bottom of this post for more about All Souls and the UUA.

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