08 March 2012

Not Sure I'd Want To Make A Viral Video

In the video below, Kevin Allocca explains why some videos go viral. I suppose he has some special insight on this, as he's YouTube's "Trends Manager." It's a good presentation, and considering the public scorn that two people in his examples suffered, I doubt that I'd want any video involving me to ever go viral. Then again, some people want fame of any kind, no matter the cost. I'm just not one of those people.

You can click here to view my YouTube channel, but don't expect anything too exciting. The one I like most is of the HOPE worldwide team in Jamaica last November, at the end of one of our days working in a children's home.

One thing I don't like about how YouTube works is that I can't change the url on my channel. It still has "igneousquill," the handle I used for a few years online. Until YouTube makes the needed modification to allow changing this part of the url, I'm stuck with it. That is, of course, unless I'm willing to migrate all my videos to a new channel (and I'm not).