12 January 2012

Film Review: Ctrl+Alt+Compete

A guest post by Allen Andersen.

I love tech stuff. I especially love really clever stuff that makes me say "That's so simple/logical, why didn't I think of that?" Even more so when it is something I will actually use on a daily basis.

Ctrl+Alt+Compete is a look at 5 people and their teams who DID think of that simple/logical thing, then went and made it a reality. Now they are faced with the daunting task of bringing it to the world by navigating the mazes of trade shows, raising capital, and marketing.

This documentary give us the viewer a peek at the kind of things involved in the process of creating a "start-up". The stories of our 5 start-ups are interspersed with comments from hardened veterans and industry legends. We follow each one as they launch their product at a trade show and listen as they share this part of their story.

As a peek, this film does its job of giving us a brief glimpse into the world of startups. However, as a documentary, it leaves us wanting. The hour long film tells us only part the story of the start-up, and also gives us some (sometimes long winded) commentary on the start-up process. In the end, I did not feel I had shared a full chapter of the stories of the individuals and teams featured, nor did I really learn much about raising capital and marketing and other subjects that seems jammed into the feature. However, as a peek or an overview, from an outsider's perspective, it was somewhat interesting.

On a scale of 0-5 stars, I give this documentary a 2.5. While it did seem that there may have been too much stuff being "packed" into an hour long film, it was well videographed and the insight into the history of the dot com was interesting. If you are at all interested in starting your own company, or if you have an idea that you might like to bring to light, then you will certainly be interested in this feature.

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