13 January 2010

Factory Reset Rumor 2

When my daughter's phone, a Rumor 2 purchased through Sprint, started rebooting randomly and not always recharging we took it to the Sprint store.  A battery swap and call to technical support later and we were issued a warranty replacement through the mail.  Before sending her defective phone back I wanted to make certain all contacts and other data were removed.  I knew the factory reset option was in the security section.  A "lock code" was requested to access security, but neither my daughter, a Sprint customer service rep nor I knew what it was.  A couple of days of searching I found it.  I pass the info along here in order to make this simple task easier for others.

The path to reset:

Menu > Settings > More > Security > Enter Lock Code > Delete/Reset > Reset Phone

What's the "Lock Code"?  It's the last four of the number associated with the phone.  In other words, if the number assigned to the phone is 212-555-0020 then the "Lock Code" is 0020.

Got it?  Simple, right?