17 September 2009


Last night Jimmy Kaplowitz and Richard Darst spoke at the monthly NYLUG meeting about Debian and DebConf10. Debian is a GNU/Linux operating system, the one upon which Ubuntu is based. No single company backs Debian, though some developers are paid by companies to develop this OS, at least according to the presentation I heard at NYLUG.

DebConf is the annual convention of Debian developers, and the 2010 gathering will be held in New York. Apparently it is free to attend the talks, so as long as it's held when I'm not out of the country (my family hopes to make a trip to Brazil next summer) it should be no problem for me to attend. A specific date for DebConf10 hasn't been set.

As details become available I'll be passing them along here. Stay tuned!

(10/31/09) I posted the following to my Xanga blog, and repost it here now:

Venue and Dates for DebConf10 Announced